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GOODRAM microSDHC card 64GB CL10 + adapter + card reader

Код: 09303ABL
Код производителя: M1A4-0640R12
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осталось 30 шт
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GOODRAM M1A4 is a solution that combines the functionality of several devices in one. It is a card reader equipped with USB 2.0 and micro USB connectors, allowing free transfer of data between computers, smartphones, tablets, cameras and cameras. Functional and universal set USB 2.0 and micro USB interface An attached card reader Included with memory card and adapter 2 years warranty on the reader Lifetime card guarantee


Производитель GOODRAM
Время доставки 10-14 р.д.
Коды продуктa 09303ABL M1A4-0640R12 5908267930281