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Kowa Telephoto Canon F-Mount F5,6/500mm TX10-C

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Kowa Telephoto Canon F-Mount F5,6/500mm TX10-C
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Kowa Telephoto Canon F-Mount F5,6/500mm TX10-C description

The Kowa Telephoto Canon F-Mount F5/600mm TX10-C is an adapter allowing you to mount your Canon camera to the Kowa Master Lens TP556 ML. The adapter has the same XD extra low dispersion lenses as the master lens, so it delivers the same quality and sharpness. Further, the Kowa TX10-C quickly and securely attaches to the main lens unit and camera body in seconds.

In addition to the Kowa TX10-C, the following adapters are also available:

• Kowa Telephoto Nikon F-Mount F4/350mm TX07-N
• Kowa Telephoto Nikon F-Mount F9,6/850mm TX17-N
• Kowa Telephoto Canon F-Mount F4/350mm TX07-C
• Kowa Telephoto Nikon F-Mount F5,6/500mm TX10-N
• Kowa Telephoto Canon F-Mount F9,6/850mm TX17-C
• Kowa Telephoto Prism Unit Spotting Scope Mount TP-88EC1

Please click here to view these additional adapters.

Время доставки 14-17 days

Время доставки 14-17 days
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