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Cokin Filter P198 Sunset 2

Код: 141348910VOK
Код производителя: WP1R198
Заказанный продуктВ продаже Есть
осталось 1 шт
Доставка 10-19 р.д.


The sunsets at noon ! COKIN Sunset Filters recreate the light of sunset at any hour of the day. This Graduated series of filters are tinted over their entire surface, more densely so in the upper part to embellish the sky, and lighter in the lower part to harmoniously complete the sunset effect.


Производитель Cokin
Время доставки 10-19 w.d.
Коды продуктa 141348910VOK WP1R198 85831446647 008583127097 0085831270976 0085831446647