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Cokin Filter A067 Spot blue

Cokin Filter A067 Spot blue
Код: 141348868VOK
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Manufacturer code: WA1T067
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Cokin Filter A067 Spot blue description

COKIN CENTRE-SPOT Filters conserve the clarity of the main subject at the same time as diffusing the surroundings
• Concentrates attention on the subject, enhancing its importance
• progressively softens foreground and background
• brings a halo of colour to your pictures in harmony with the theme or
atmosphere chosen.
Concentrates attention on your principal subject.
Allows you to isolate your subject in a group photo. COKIN
Centre-Spot Filters are designed mostly for portrait and still life
work. They also give excellent results with landscapes, architecture
and sports, when attention needs to be drawn to the principal
subject : for example a bunch of flowers, gargoyles, statues,
details of architecture, a car hubcap, a ship’s wheel, etc.
They may be used as coloured or neutral diffuser masks when the
surroundings do not harmonize with the composition.
For focal lengths between 50 mm and 135 mm.

Время доставки 14-19 w.d.

Производитель Cokin
Время доставки 14-19 w.d.
Коды продуктa

141348868VOK WA1T067 85831447651 0085831447651


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