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Konus Flashlight Konuslight-9

Konus Flashlight Konuslight-9
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Konus Flashlight Konuslight-9 description

The Konuslight-9 is a powerful LED flashlight from Konus, equipped with a 1W power LED an an adjustable light beam. The 1W power LED reaches a brightness of 250 lumen. This offers you an amazing beam intensity and a long beam distance.

Konuslight-9 has 3 modes of lighting: flashlight mode, working light mode and red flash mode. The body of the Konuslight-9 is made of strong and sturdy material. On the bottom of the flashlight a magnet is located which allows you to safely attach your Konuslight-9 onto a metal surface.

Application Konuslight-9

This premium quality flashlight provides you with a reliable and constant light output in any situation. When you turn the red ring on the front of the flashlight, it is possible to adjust the width of the light beam. The adjustable head can be slighty pulled out and swiveled 360 degrees, thus you can align the beam exactly to the desired position. This even allows you to us your Konuslight-9 in an angle of 90 degrees.

Время доставки 14-17 days

Время доставки 14-17 days
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