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TP-Link адаптер UB500 Bluetooth

Код: 05711NRD
Manufacturer code: UB500
Orderable productВ продаже Есть
Liko 12 vnt.
Delivery 1-4 w.d.


Bluetooth 5.0: faster speeds, greater coverageTP-link's UB500 equips your PC with more advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology that has upgrades across the board compared to older versions. It has faster connection speeds and longer range than Bluetooth 4.0 technology, ensuring a strong and stable wireless connection between your PC and Bluetooth devices. Users also benefit from energy savings and increased broadcast capacity.Play music from the other roomThanks to the improvements to Bluetooth, the UB500 has a wider transmission range between devices such as your music player and PC. With greater transmission distance, you can enjoy lossless audio through your Bluetooth headset without being stuck around your computer. Now you don't have to worry about the distance affecting your music listening.Connecting to your computer via BluetoothUB500 enables Bluetooth enabled non-Bluetooth PCs and laptops. Just connect your Bluetooth devices to your computer and enjoy them with ease. It supports up to 7 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with a powerful wireless connection. You can transfer files, music and videos between your Bluetooth devices and PC with 2× faster transfer speeds.Nano format — Plug in and forgetThanks to its sleek, ultra-small design, you can plug the nano adapter into any USB port and keep it there, whether you're traveling or at home.


Производитель Tp-link
Гарантия 24 мес.
Вес 0.046 кг
Время доставки 1-4 w.d.
Коды продуктa 05711NRD UB500 4897098683446