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Linkstar Background Cloth 1,5 x 2,8m Black

Код: 03594KVG
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Liko 2 vnt.
Pristatymas 14-17 d.d.


Linkstar Cloth Background is made of heavy-duty cotton and have a top and bottom hem. This makes it easy for the cloth background to be hung and used in conjunction with a background system. It is also possible to create a curtain out of the fabric.

Please note: due the difference in computer monitor screens, worldwide, the colours of the backdrop may differ slightly from the picture shown.

Please also note: The cloth backgrounds containing a pattern are handmade and therefore unique. Each background, in terms of pattern and colour, may vary slightly from the other.


Производитель Linkstar
Коды продуктa 03594KVG 8718127052810 871812705281