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DNP Paper DSRX1HS-4X6P 2 Rolls

DNP Paper DSRX1HS-4X6P 2 Rolls
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DNP Paper DSRX1HS-4X6P 2 Rolls описание

The DNP Dye Sublimation Photo Paper allows you to print high quality images, without white borders. The paper is able to display 16.7 million true colours and the laminate, which coats the paper, protects your photos against UV rays, dust, fingerprints and water droplets. The paper can be finished with a matte or glossy coating by your DNP printer, without having to change the roll.

Usage paper

The paper is 10 x 15cm in size and is equipped with a vertical perforation, which can be torn off. The paper creates a unique 7,5 x 10cm print and a tear-away 7,5 x 10cm strip. The 7,5 x 10cm tear-away strip can be used for coupons, offers, marketing messages etc.

Please note that the paper is suitable for the DNP DS-RX1HS printer.

Время доставки 14-17 w.d.

Производитель DNP
Время доставки 14-17 w.d.
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