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CULLMANN DUBLIN Action 200 bag 17 cm #96720

Код: 96720CULLMANN
Manufacturer code: 96720
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DUBLIN Action 200 black Item Number: 96720 DUBLIN relies on security and comfort. The solid floor of the bag made from EVA material guarantees the best protection for camera equipment and the flexible bag layout and the additional storage compartments sufficient space for individual storage of equipment.   The new DUBLIN series of bags relies particularly on security. All DUBLIN models - Vario, Action and Maxima, have an extremely robust bag floor made from EVA material that protects the camera equipment from accidental knocks. The flexible, well-cushioned bag compartments guarantee individual and secure storage for equipment. There is an adjustable shoulder strap, a robust carrier handle and a stable belt loop for transport. Using the ATTACH SYSTEM, other bags can be attached to the DUBLIN Maxima and Action 300200 models when required.DUBLIN Maxima bags are delivered with an additional custom-fit rain sun cape, which also allows the shoulder strap to be used through an additional opening. With wear-resistant outer material and additional storage space, DUBLIN bags offer convenienceand security for photography and video enthusiasts. Technicality details   Depth   100 mm     Width   160-95 mm     Height   170 mm     Weight   370 g     Dimensions (DWH) are internal dimensions


Производитель Cullmann
Внутренняя высота 16 см
Внутренняя ширина 10 см
Внутренняя длина 17 см
Цвет Black
Вес 370 гр
Время доставки 0-2 w.d.
Коды продуктa 96720CULLMANN 96720 400713496720 4007134967205
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