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Speedlink считыватель Carrea (SL-150001-BK)

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Speedlink считыватель Carrea (SL-150001-BK)
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Speedlink считыватель Carrea (SL-150001-BK) description

Easy to use, hi-speed USB data transfer, always good to go: with 4 card slots, the CARREA Portable Card Reader can read and write on a wide range of popular memory cards, plus it doesn’t need an external AC adapter or any additional drivers thanks to its integrated USB connector. Whether on the move, using your laptop or PC, the CARREA is perfect for managing your photos, music and other files.

Время доставки 5-10 days

  Производитель SpeedLink
Время доставки 5-10 days
Коды продуктa

00569NRD SL-150001-BK 4027301628142


4.5 average rating (2 votes)


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