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Boya Wireless XLR Transmitter BY-WXLR8 Pro for BY-WM8 Pro

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The Boya BY-WXLR8 Pro is a XLR wireless transmitter, which can be used with the Boya BY-WM8 Pro wireless microphone system. It is compatible with handheld or condenser microphones with XLR output, such as the BY-HM100 (see optional accessories). In addition to an XLR input, the transmitter also has a 3.5mm line input. This allows you, for example, to connect an audio mixer to the transmitter. The BY-WXLR8 Pro has a clear LCD screen on which you can easily determine the various settings. You can adjust the volume, channel and mode (stereo or mono). For the channels, you can choose between channel group A or B and 48 channel numbers. For safe and easy transport of the BY-WXLR8 Pro, a leatherette storage case is included. You can also place the wireless transmitter in this case during use. The XLR transmitter uses two AA batteries (not included). Usage Boya BY-WXLR8 Pro To use the transmitter, insert two AA batteries into the rear compartment. By turning the locking ring to the right, you can attach the microphone to the transmitter; turn the ring to the left to disconnect. An optional receiver can be connected to your camera. Then you can start the unit using the powermute button at the bottom (long press to turn the transmitter on and off, short press to turn the mute function on and off). When the BY-WXL8 Pro is started, the LED will turn blue if there is enough battery power. When the battery is low, the LED will turn red. When the LED flashes red, you have activated the mute function.


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