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Speedlink наушники + микрофон Sento USB (SL-870100-BK)

Speedlink наушники + микрофон Sento USB (SL-870100-BK)
Код: 05348NRD
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Код производителя: SL-870100-BK
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Speedlink наушники + микрофон Sento USB (SL-870100-BK) описание

Enjoy comfort, rich stereo sound and incredible ease of use, all wrapped up in one stunning product, with the SENTO Stereo Headset. You can use it whenever and wherever you like thanks to its integrated sound card and USB connector. This unique feature lets you hook up a speaker system to your PC at the same time as leaving your headset connected without the hassle of needing to swap cables around. The SENTO Stereo Headset also features an integrated inline remote for convenient volume and microphone muting adjustments.
  • Stereo PC headset
  • Practical USB connector
  • Flexible microphone arm
  • Inline remote with volume controller and mute switch
  • Integrated sound card delivers excellent sound
  • Microphone for noise-free voice chat
  • Ear-cushion padding for maximum comfort
  • Easy, driverless installation

Вес 235 гр

Время доставки 5-10 w.d.

Производитель SpeedLink
Вес 235 гр
Время доставки 5-10 w.d.
Коды продуктa

05348NRD SL-870100-BK 4027301637878


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