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GoPro Volta External Battery Grip/Tripod/Remote (APHGM-001-EU)

GoPro Volta External Battery Grip/Tripod/Remote (APHGM-001-EU)
Код: 06650NRD
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Код производителя: APHGM-001-EU
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GoPro Volta External Battery Grip/Tripod/Remote (APHGM-001-EU) описание

The power to GoPro all day.
Ultra versatile by design, Volta is a premium battery grip and a whole lot more. It combines with the standard GoPro battery to deliver over 4 hours of 5.3K recording — a total of 3x the normal runtime. It also features built-in buttons for easy one-handed camera control, can also be used as a wireless camera remote and has flip-out legs that transform it into a handy tripod.
  • Built-in battery provides over four hours of 5.3K/30 recording time
  • Integrated camera buttons for easy one-handed control
  • Built-in tripod legs flip out for stable shots
  • Wirelessly controls camera from up to 30m away
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Status lights for battery life + camera mode
  • Compatible with GoPro Mods + Accessories
  • Mounting fingers rotate and tilt the camera
  • Charges other USB-C devices
  • Battery capacity: 4900 mAh
  • Power input: 5V/3A (15W max)
  • Power output: 5V/2.4A (12W max)
  • Power input/output type: USB-C

Get out. Stay out. Get all the shots.
  • Extended Battery Power. Powered grip combines with your camera’s battery for over 4 hours of 5.3K/30 recording time.
  • Single-Hand Control. Integrated camera buttons for easy one-handed control.
  • Built-in Tripod. Flip out the tripod legs for time-lapse, a group photo or any other stable shot.
  • Wireless Remote. Detach the grip and control your camera from up to 30m away.

Finally, a grip that keeps up.
  • Mod Compatible. Connects with Media Mod to customize and expand.
  • Mounting Fingers. Fold out to attach to GoPro backpacks, straps and more.
  • LED Lights. Check battery life and camera mode at a glance.
  • Integrated Camera Buttons. Let you power on/off, start/stop capture and switch modes.

Designed for everything you do.
Made for the elements. Weather resistant and built to take a beating.

NB! Volta is not waterproof. Using it underwater with your GoPro will damage your camera and void the warranty.

Время доставки 5-10 w.d.

Производитель Gopro
Время доставки 5-10 w.d.
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06650NRD APHGM-001-EU 818279027280 0818279027280


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