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Falcon Eyes Clamps CBH-5 for SPK-1A

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Falcon Eyes Clamps CBH-5 for SPK-1A
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Falcon Eyes Clamps CBH-5 for SPK-1A description

The Falcon Eyes Clamps CBH-5 can be screwed onto the SPK-1A background system (with the screws and wing nuts supplied). The clamps allow the standard SPK-1A model to be transformed into a background system suitable for up to 3 rolls instead of just 1. In conjunction with each CBH-5 set used, a B-reel set will need to be purchased, in order for the clamps to be functional.

The clamps are 18.2cm long and 4.1cm wide.

Время доставки 5-19 days

Производитель Falcon Eyes
Время доставки 5-19 days
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05966KVG 8718127051714 871812705171


4.5 average rating (2 votes)


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