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walimex pro Tripod FW-595 with Ball Head

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walimex pro Tripod FW-595 with Ball Head

walimex pro FW-595 Pro Tripod, 150cm (Art. Nr. 16519)

  • Very sturdy professional Tripod made of aluminium
  • Turnable center column with 1/4 inch thread and hook, ideal for ground near Pictures
  • Very short carrying length thanks to innovative folding technique
  • Different leg angles adjustable
  • First-class workmanship and quality
  • Incl. convenient carrying bag with carrying strap
  • Max. load capacity: approx. 8kg

The walimex pro FW-595 Pro Tripod guarantees high stability, variable height adjustment, an absolutely perfect price/performance ratio and certainly much more: The height of the Tripod can be steplessly adjusted from approx. 39cm to 150cm, so that it provides a high rate of flexibility. Thanks to the adjustable legs around 180° and the turnable center column, you can furthermore realize pictures from every imaginable angle, e.g. ground near pictures or "splits" pictures. The innovative folding technique ensures, that you can fold the Tripod on nearly 40cm. This predestines the Tripod for outdoor tours, e.g. with your motorbike or bike.

The professional aluminium Tripod impresses with its solid workmanship and sophisticated functionality, which meets even the highest demands. Equipped with convenient quick-release fasteners, the Tripod can be pulled out within seconds onto its full length of 150cm. The hook on the center column provides the possibility to stabilize the Tripod with additional weights. A carrying bag completes the whole set.

walimex pro FW-595 Pro Ball Head (Art. Nr. 16522)

  • High-quality Ball Head
  • Very lightweight through aluminium alloy
  • High stability
  • Convenient quick-release plate with 1/4 inch camera connection
  • Incl. scale for e.g. panorama shootings
  • Max. load capacity: approx. 8kg

Particularly great animal pictures! Particularly creative landscape photographies! Particularly unique product photos! You will achieve this and much more with a good camera and the suitable ball head. The Ball Head FW-595 from walimex pro could be the right partner for you:

With a load capacity of 8kg, it can load even heavier middle format cameras securely and stable. The high-quality ball joint ensures pictures out of every imaginable perspective. Especially convenient is the scale for seamless panorama shootings, a highlight, which belongs to every professional ball head. As you are accustomed from our other ball heads, the quick-release plate from FW-595 can also simply be detached through a device, so that nothing gets in the way of quick and convenient work.

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Gamintojas(?) walimex
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 8 kg
Maksimalus aukštis 120 cm
Minimalus aukštis 39 cm
Sulankstyto aukštis 43 cm
Medžiaga Aliuminis
Prekės kodai

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