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walimex pro FW-591 Pro Tripod 132cm

walimex pro FW-591 Pro Tripod 132cm

walimex pro FW-591 Pro Tripod, 132cm

A sturdy Tripod, which scores with compact functionality, sophisticated handling and high-quality components. The walimex pro FW-591 Pro Tripod leaves nothing to be desired.

Look and see: The professional aluminium Tripod has not only very small packing sizes with approx. 39cm, but is also very lightweight with only approx. 1200g. Therewith, the Tripod is very convenient for on the go and provides a high level of freedom, e.g. on motorbike or bike tours. The carrying bag with comfortable carrying strap and even more comfortable small inside pocket accompany you on all your ways.

The legs, which can be adjusted in height through quick-release fasteners, lift the Tripod on maximal 132cm. Furthermore, the angles of all three legs can be individually adjusted, so that the legs also provide the necessary stability when leaning against wall. The center column also ensures a lot od flexibility: It can be taken out and turned, so that it can ideally be used for ground near pictures.


  • Very sturdy professional tripod made of aluminium
  • Turnable center column with 1/4 inch thread and hook, ideal for ground near pictures
  • Very short carrying length thanks to innovative folding technique
  • Different leg angles adjustable
  • High-quality workmanship and quality
  • Max. load capacity: approx. 4kg
  • Incl. convenient carrying bag with carrying strap
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Stovo tipas(?) Trikojis
Gamintojas(?) walimex
Maksimalus aukštis 108 cm
Minimalus aukštis 34 cm
Sulankstyto aukštis 39 cm
Sekcijų skaičius 5
Prekės kodai

141325043VOK 16518 4250234565189

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