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Linkstar Studio Flash DL-500D Digital

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Linkstar Studio Flash DL-500D Digital
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Linkstar Studio Flash DL-500D Digital description

The Linkstar DL-500D studio flash with 500Ws flash power has a complete digital display, for precise control of you flash unit. This studio flash is adjustable from (1/32 up to full power). The studio flash is supplied with a 60W modeling lamp with a color temperature of 5500K max. The built-in slave function makes the studio flash suitable for usage in combination with other studio flashes.

The Linkstar studio flash DL-500D is very suitable for setting up a small studio or passport photograph corner. Because of its compact size and light weight the Linkstar studio flash DL-500D is also very suitable to use on location. You can easily replace the flash tube yourself. The studio flash is packed in a full color box and comes with all the necessary cables.

There are various optional accessories available for the DL-D flash units, such as a barn door set, snoot, color filters, honeycomb and soft boxes in different sizes (see optional accessories). These accessories can be mounted on the studio flash by using the S-type bayonet. 

When you want to see all accessories which are available for this studioflash, please click here.

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Производитель Linkstar
Время доставки 10-14 days
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