Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2150D

Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2150D
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Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2150D description

The Falcon Eyes studio flash set SSK-2150D is very suitable for setting up a small studio and because of its compact size and the light weight it is also very convenient for use on location. You can easily replace the flash tube yourself.

This flash set is the updated version of the well-known flash set SSK-2150F. The main difference is that the adjustability of the flash units is changed from 1/8 to full to 1/16 to full. The set is packed in a full color box and comes complete with all necessary cables. The set contains 2 flash units, 2 stands, 1 soft box (50x70 cm), 1 transparent umbrella (100 cm), 1 reflector (15 cm), 2 modeling lamps (50W), 2 flashtubes, 2 synchronization cables, 2 power cables and a manual (English) so you can start immediately. There are various optional accessories available for these SS flash units, such as a barn door set, snoot, color filters, honeycomb and different sizes soft boxes. These accessories can be found under "Optional Accessories."

When you want to see all accessories which are available for this studioflash, please click here.

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