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Panasonic DC-FZ82

Panasonic DC-FZ82

Panasonic LUMIX Bridge Camera DC-FZ82

  • Powerful 60x optical zoom
  • This powerful 20-1,200 mm zoom lens allows you to shoot dynamic landscape images or breathtaking pictures of wild animals or birds from far distances
  • The 4K video mode offers up to four times the resolution of Full HD
  • Thanks to the LUMIX FZ82's 4K photo function, you never miss a great moment
  • Shoot a 4K video sequence with 30 fps and save your favourite picture as a high-resolution image in JPEG format
  • The 18-megapixel MOS sensor and an enhanced Venus Engine image processor provide fast response times and high-quality images even in poorly lit environments
  • Using the LUMIX FZ82's Post Focus function, you can easily choose the optimally focused image from a series of pictures with different focus - even after the shot is taken
  • The Focus Stacking function gives you even greater creativity by letting you generate a separate picture out of several different frames
In trade:
Subject to change without notice.
  Producer Panasonic
  Max. Light Sensitivity (ISO) 3200
  Built-in Flash Yes
  Weight 616 g
  Warranty 24 months
Product codes

141361134VOK DC-FZ82EP-K 502523286282 502523286281 5025232862825 5025232862818

Subject to change without notice.

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