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Panasonic DMC-FT30

Panasonic DMC-FT30

Waterproof and durable - for an active lifestyle
Easy and spontaneous shooting with style both in the city and out of town. This model will be optimal in both situations.
- Waterproof up to a depth of 8 m
- Resistant to falls from a height of up to 1.5 m
- Resistant to freezing to -10 ° C
- Resistant to dust

Beautiful shots under water
The red color reproduction provided by advanced underwater mode compensates for the red color that is easily lost when shooting underwater - making the underwater photos look more natural. In addition, the menu can be quickly and easily select the mode of Sport, Snow and Beach and surfing.
MEGA O.I.S. (Optical image stabilization)
MEGA System O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) compensates for blur caused by hand shaking. With a sampling rate of 4000 times per second, even a small hand tremor is instantly detected and then compensated for sharp and clear images.

Creative Panorama
Creative Panorama allows users to create horizontal / vertical panoramic images consisting of photos overlapping partially with previous photos and gaining effects from the filters provided by Creative Control.
Creative Control / Creative Retouch mode
Creative Control (in Record mode) and Creative Retouch * (in Playback mode) provide creative power for transforming ordinary situations into extraordinary scenes.

Record video in MP4 HD mode
You can record dynamic HD videos at 1280 x 720p in MP4 format. Video recording can be started by pressing the independent movie button, which allows you to conveniently and immediately switch between shooting / recording mode. * The performance of the matrix is ​​30p (for NTSC area) / 25p (for PAL area).
Illumination lamp
The illumination lamp allows you to record beautiful videos even in dark underwater environments or at night camps. It is also possible to turn on only the light to illuminate the subject - even if the camera function is not activated.

Time-lapse photography
The camera can be left to stationary observation of objects such as blossoming flowers or sky-clouds. A series of consecutive images can be combined in the camera to create a one-on-one movie.
220 MB of built-in memory provides additional memory for up to 34 images when the memory card is full.

In trade:
149.00 122.99
Subject to change without notice.
  Producer Panasonic
  Effective pixels 16.1 mln.
  Sensor 1/2,33 tipo CCD jutiklis
  ISO rating Auto, 100-16000
  Focus Automatinis
  Exposure compensation +/- 2,0 EV, 1/3 EV žingsniu
  Weight 144 g
  Warranty 24 months
Product codes

141349039VOK DMC-FT30EP-K 502523282020 5025232820207 5025232820191

Subject to change without notice.

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