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AGM PVS-7 NW1 Night Vision Goggles Bi-Ocular Gen2+ White Phosphor

AGM PVS-7 NW1 Night Vision Goggles Bi-Ocular Gen2+ White Phosphor
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AGM PVS-7 NW1 Night Vision Goggles Bi-Ocular Gen2+ White Phosphor aprašymas

The PVS-7 NW1 by the American AGM Global Vision is a robust, high-end nightvision bi-ocular that comes with a goggle system for hands-free use. The PVS night vision devices are recognized worldwide for their unmatched quality, reliability and ergonomic designs. The AGM PVS-7 NW1 is the replacement for the AGM PVS-7, it features an IIT image tube in night vision white and has two eyepieces.

The viewer has a 27mm lens with a wide field of view of 40 degrees and focuses from as little as 20 cm. The optical magnification is 1x, but optional 3x, 5x or 7,4x afocal magnifier lenses are available. The residual light intensifier is equipped with a PHOTONIS Gen 2+ Image Intensifier Tube with a cosmetic level 1. This means that there are no 'spots' in the image, so you have a razor sharp image. The PVS-7 NW1 has Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) to adjust the image brightness in changing light conditions.

Since the night vision viewer has one image intensifier tube, but two eyepieces, this is called a bi-ocular. You can use the unit with two eyes at the same time, which means you can observe comfortably for long periods of time. In contrast to night vision monoculars (suitable for one eye), you do not need to continuously squeeze one eye. To correct for your eye, you can adjust the dioptre of the night scope from -6 to +2.

Goggle Kit

The AGM PVS-7 NW1 comes standard with a goggle kit, with which you can attach the night vision bi-ocular to your head. This way you can keep your hands free. The goggle kit has a flip-up system, with which you can easily and safely 'flip up' the unit and keep it in position. The goggle kit includes adjustable, comfortable headbands and a chin shield with built-in cushion.

Infrared light

The viewer is equipped with a built-in infrared illuminator to be able to see even when no light is present. This offers a light source outside the visible spectrum, so you can observe in complete darkness without being detected. If you want to further increase the viewing distance or brightness you can use an additional IR Illuminator (see optional accessories).

Application AGM PVS-7 NW1

The AGM PVS-7 NW1 is an excellent choice for hunting, airsoft, tactical/MIL-SIM and security, but also for e.g. boating, survival or other forms of nature observations. It is a top-of-the-range night vision bi-ocular with MIL-spec specifications. The goggle kit is indispensable when you need to be able to move quickly, in tough conditions, when you want to be able to switch quickly between night vision and your own vision, or just when you want more viewing comfort.

This night vision device is equipped with a residual light-amplifying tube, so you cannot use it during the day. The device will automatically switch off when there is too much light present.

Other features

• Adjustable dioptre setting: -6 to +2
• IR beam spot/flood adjustable
• Equipped with Auto Brightness Control to adjust brightness manually
• Equipped with standby mode and bright light cut-off
• Two LED indicators in field of view for IR and battery status
• Up to 60 hours of use with only two AA batteries (included)
• AGM article: 12PV7122254011

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