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AGM FoxBat-8 NW1 Night Vision Bi-Ocular 8x Magnification Gen2+ White Phosphor

AGM FoxBat-8 NW1 Night Vision Bi-Ocular 8x Magnification Gen2+ White Phosphor
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AGM FoxBat-8 NW1 Night Vision Bi-Ocular 8x Magnification Gen2+ White Phosphor aprašymas

The AGM FoxBat-8 NW1 Night Vision Binoculars 8x Magnification Gen2+ White Phosphor from U.S.-based AGM Global Vision is a rugged night vision binoculars suitable for extended observations at long distances. The Gen2 residual light intensifier features 8x optical magnification and a large 216mm lens with high light output. The AGM FoxBat-8 comes standard with a long-range LED infrared emitter included (850nm/1,000mW).

The night vision device is equipped with a Generation 2 display tube (IIT) in night vision white. This means that the image is displayed in the color White Phosphor (white/blue). The picture tube ensures that the residual light or ambient light is amplified thousands of times. Because the night vision device has one picture tube, but two eyepieces, it is called a bi-ocular. You can use the residual light enhancer with two eyes at the same time, which means you can observe for long periods of time in comfort. In contrast to monocular night vision goggles (suitable for one eye), you do not have to continuously close one eye. There is a hand strap on the side of the housing so that you can carry the viewer comfortably in your hand. With the supplied tripod it is possible to position the viewer stably.

Infrared auxiliary light

Because the residual light intensifier is equipped with an image tube, even a minimal amount of residual light is converted into visible image. This allows you to work for a long time without IR auxiliary light. But when you are in complete darkness without any ambient light, you can use the included AGM Sioux850nm long range infrared illuminator. This IR Illuminator provides a light source outside the visible spectrum, allowing you to observe in complete darkness without being detected. The advantage of 850nm IR is that you have maximum power - viewing distance as far as 1 kilometer - but the infrared glow is visible when looking directly into the IR source from a short distance. You can adjust the beam in terms of power and beam size.

If you prefer to use a 940nm infrared emitter, the AGM Sioux940 is optionally available. A 940nm IR has an invisible glow, but also a shorter range than 850nm IR.

Application AGM FoxBat-8 (NW1)

This residual light amplifier is extremely suitable for night observations at long distances. The AGM FoxBat-8 is indispensable especially when you want to observe for a long time, comfortably and from stationary/slowly moving positions. Here you can think of security, rescue operations and tactical applications, but also for hunters, boaters or nature lovers this residual light amplifier is a valuable tool. Through the threaded connection at the bottom, you can mount the AGM FoxBat on the supplied tripod.

This night scope is equipped with a residual light-amplifying image tube, so you cannot use the device during the day. The device will automatically turn off when too much light is present.

Technical Data.

- Image tube (IIT): Gen.2
- Fully multi-coated lens
- Equipped with standby mode and bright light cut-off
- Operating time of up to 40 hours (measured with IR turned off) with only two 1.5V AA batteries or 1 Lithium (BA-5567/U)
- Two LED indicators in FOV: battery status and abundant light
- Focuses from 10 meters to infinity
- Adjustable diopter: -6 tot +6
- Equipped with hand strap for optimal comfort
- AGM Global Vision item: 13F8P822154211 (NW1)

Want to know more about residual light intensifiers, or unsure about the perfect night vision goggles for your application? If so, please feel free to contact us.

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