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8x21 Binoculars High Definition BAK-4 Prism

8x21 Binoculars High Definition BAK-4 Prism
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8x21 Binoculars High Definition BAK-4 Prism aprašymas

8x21 Binoculars High Definition BAK-4 Prism IP65 Waterproof, Black

  • 【More HD】 8x HD binoculars, the smaller the magnification, the larger the field of view, up to 113/1000m.
  • 【More restoration】 BAK4 prism FMC multilayer coated eyepiece and objective lens, the light transmission rate is up to 99%, the maximum restoration of the picture color. Equipped with a focus wheel, it can quickly adjust the central and surrounding parts of the picture to the overall high-definition state to avoid partial blurring of the picture.
  • 【Small and portable】 Weight only 230g, ideal for children. Mirror body with hanging buckle, more solid, sturdy, and more convenient to travel.
  • 【Quality design】 High-quality environmentally friendly rubber lens barrel, that eliminates odor, the surface is designed with a detailed frosted texture, effective anti-slip, and anti-sweat, ergonomic design, and thumb anti-slip groove. IP65 waterproof level, support life waterproof.
  • 【Liftable eyepiece】 Liftable eyepiece supports two types of observation, suitable for people who wear glasses and do not wear glasses.

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