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Kowa Sightseeing scope Highlander BL8J3 32x82 mm Apo

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Available on order More clarity! More sharpness! Observe more comfortable! To meet these criteria, Kowa made the observation binoculars High Lander 32x82mm. A top class waterproof binocular observation with a large lens diameter. The Kowa Highlander is not only suitable for astronomy, but also meets the demands of professional surveillance and observation. The objective lenses are fully multi-coated, so you are ensured of a bright and clear image. The oculars have a wide view. Besides that they have a long eye relief, so you have a calm image and have a good view at several distances measured from the ocular. Optionally available are oculars with 50x and 21x magnification. This High Lander has "achromatic lenses" ! These lenses eliminate hazy colours (chromatic aberration) and improve the resolution and the contrast. It has a durable waterproof body. The strong yet light aluminium casing is suitable for use under the most heavy conditions. The oculars have an easy 45 degree view, ideal for long term observations. Kowa High Lander has individual focus. You can focus each ocular separately. With the set-up connection you can easily change the oculars. Besides that it is also equipped with telescopic sun hoods for protection against annoying sunrays or rain. The following products for the High Lander are optionally available: Aluminium case, wooden stand case, middle mount, oculars 21x and 50x.


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