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Omega bathroom scale OBSF

Kodas: 04239NRD
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This classic bathroom scale can analyse your weight, calories, BMI, body fat and water, bone mass and mucle ppercentage. In addition it can store memory of 10 person's age, gender and height.The scale is covered with 6 mm tempered glass and turns on and off automatically. Its maximum capacity is 150 kg and weighs with a 100 gram accuracy. It features low battery and overload indication. Numbers are displayed on a 63 × 27 mm clear LCD screen. Max capacity: 150kg Graduation: 100g (0.2lb) 63 × 27 mm LCD digits 6 mm tempered glass 1 × CR2032 (included) Equipped with high strain gauge sensors Auto on, automatic zero and switch off Low battery and overload indication Memory of 10 users (age, gender and height) 7in1 analysis (scale, body fat, body water,muscle percentage, bone mass and calorie, BMI)


Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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