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Velbon ULTRA LUXi L V incl. QHD-53D

Velbon ULTRA LUXi L V incl. QHD-53D
  • Velbon Ultra series tripod with a ball head
  • Durable aluminium 5 section legs
  • Maximum height of 163.3 cm
  • Can carry up to 3 kg
  • Quick release plate and bubble levels
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The outstanding feature of the Ultra Series tripods is extremely strong joints because each leg section extends the entire inside length of the outer leg casing. Thanks to a design that incorporates tube legs which engage slightly off center, Velbon innovated a mechanism that enables each leg to be locked with a simple quick twist. Protruding parts are eliminated from the tripod, and the legs are far more compact when closed. Compact and extending to a good working height while retaining excellent strength make the Ultra Series instruments approach the ideal tripod configuration.

The Velbon Luxi L V is made of durable aluminium and features extra strong 5 section legs. It's perfect for capturing low angle shots – minimum height of 21 cm. When fully extended, the tripod reaches 163.3 cm and can carry up to 3 kg.

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