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Sony AKA-FL2 Action Cam Float

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Sony AKA-FL2 Action Cam Float
Kodas: 141329719VOK
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Sony AKA-FL2 Action Cam Float aprašymas

  • Keeps your Sony Action Cam afloat if you accidently drop it in the water
  • Works with available Sony Compact POV Action Cam, and Action Cam with Wi-Fi
  • Hook and loop strap system secures your camera to the float
  • Yellow body color helps you spot the Action Cam in even the murkiest of waters
  • Use of tether base and leash keeps camera close if it drops

The Sony AKA-FL2 Floatation Device for Action Cam will keep your Sony Action Cam afloat, and is ideal for use when shooting in or around water. It securely wraps around the camera, and the hook and loop strap secures the camera to the float. The bright yellow coloring of the float stands out against water, and makes it easier to find your Action Cam even in dark and murky waters.

The floatation device does not interfere with using your Action Cam with the optional surfboard mount, and the included tether base and leash provide an additional degree of safety should you drop your camera or it becomes disconnected from a mount.

Suitable for:
  • HDR-AS10
  • HDR-AS100V
  • HDR-AS15
  • HDR-AS20
  • HDR-AS30V
  • HDR-AZ1

Svoris 0.07 kg

Pristatymo laikas 7-9 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) Sony
Svoris 0.07 kg
Pristatymo laikas 7-9 d.d.
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