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Vanguard PH-123V stovo galvutė

Vanguard PH-123V stovo galvutė


PH-123V fluid video head with spring counterbalance and adjustable drag tension provides incredibly smooth pan and tilt functions and rigid magnesium, closed-type construction for steady videography with HD camcorders and add-ons.

Its counterbalance system ensures the perfect amount of balance for the weight of the camera being used. Simply flip the counterbalance switch between "off" and "on."
PH fluid video head features a large quick shoe safety release button and front-to-back movement fine tuning capabilities for optimal center of gravity positioning. Built to support more than 13.2 lbs., PH fluid video head also has a long handle for use with heavy equipment. PH fluid video heads also feature a 1/4" and 3/8" attachment


  • Fluid video head with rigid magnesium alloy construction
  • Spring counterbalance helps operate heavy equipment with greater balance
  • Long handle for greater precision and torque
  • Smooth pan and tilt
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Stovo tipas(?) Stovo galvutė
Gamintojas(?) Vanguard
Svoris 1.15 kg
Prekės kodai

03854RME PH-123V 4719856237701

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