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Easypix DVC2712 Cruiser blue

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Easypix DVC2712 Cruiser blue
Kodas: 141339365VOK
Prekyboje: Nebegaminama
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Easypix DVC2712 Cruiser blue aprašymas

Easypix DVC2712 Cruiser

What could be nicer than cruising Bella Italia on your vespa? Admiring the beauty of the landscape, surroundings and people. Stopping at centuries old piazzas to mingle with the crowd and enjoy the Dolce Vita. Well, here comes your ideal travel mate: DVC2712 Cruiser camcorder.
The DVC2712 Cruiser is there when you need it to capture those vivid moments or to record the best movies that life writes - all in high definition of course. The elegant 2.7" (6.9cm) touch display makes it's use simple and fast. It is also flexible and allows viewing from almost any angle by swelling it in different positions. Once it is folded, it is as compact and flat as a smartphone.

  • 6.9cm (2.7") TFT LCD Touch Screen
  • Video: 1920x1080 /15fps, 1280x720 /30fps, 640x480 /30fps
  • 5 MP sensor up to 12 MP by interpolation
  • 8x Digital Zoom
  • MicroSD Card Support up to 32GB

Efektyvūs taškai 5 mln.

Skaitmeninis priartinimas 8 x

GPS imtuvas Nėra

Gamintojas(?) Easypix
Kameros charakteristika
  Efektyvūs taškai 5 mln.
  Skaitmeninis priartinimas 8 x
  GPS imtuvas Nėra
  Sistema Flash atmintis
  Distancinis valdymas Nėra
  Laikmenos tipai microSD
  Ekrano dydis (cm) 6.9 (cm)
  Sąsaja su kompiuteriu USB 2.0
  Matmenys (Plotis) 20 mm
  Matmenys (Aukštis) 55 mm
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141339365VOK 23023 4260041683600


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