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SevenOak SK-R01HS diržas

SevenOak SK-R01HS diržas
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Gamintojas(?) SevenOak
Prekės kodai

141314945vok SO70068 489703270068 4897032700680

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Platus aprašymas

The Sevenoak SK-R01HS Shoulder Strap is a soft and comfortable strap, which can be used in conjunction with camera rigs equipped with counterweights. The SK-R01HS increases stability and reduces fatigue and stress of the shoulders making it suitable for photography and videography.

The SK-R01HS is equipped with soft foam and is fully adjustable making it comfortable and suitable for almost everyone to wear. In addition, the SK-R01HS provides extra protection to your rig and/or camera. In the event that your rig and camera falls (when used in conjunction with the SK-R01HS), both devices would still be attached and secured to your hip without hitting the ground.

Sevenoak SK-R01HS Shoulder Strap Compatibility

The SK-R01HS is compatible with the following Sevenoak Rigs but is not limited thereto:

- Sevenoak SK-R01 Shoulder Support
- Sevenoak SK-R02 Shoulder Support
- Sevenoak SK-R05 Shoulder Support

Please see the optional accessories tab below for all compatible devices.

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