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Falcon Eyes Shoulder Support Rig VRG-S-1

Falcon Eyes Shoulder Support Rig VRG-S-1
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Falcon Eyes Shoulder Support Rig VRG-S-1 aprašymas

The Falcon Eyes VRG-S-1 Shoulder Support Rig is a shoulder rig designed to stabilize DSLR cameras and video cameras. The soft and comfortable shoulder pad is positioned to rest on top of the left or right shoulder, allowing you to steer the rig with two hands.

The VRG-S-1 is equipped with a matte box, mini follow focus and a quick release mounting plate. The matte box enables you to shape and direct the light toward the subject you are shooting or filming. The follow focus is designed to increase accuracy and smoothness in focusing while filming. The supplied anti-slip wheel connects to the focus ring of the camera, and allows you to easily adjust the focus of the camera or video camera. The quick release plate enables you to remove your camera in an easy and time efficient manner. Further, the VRG-S-1 is supplied with a counterweight, which, is placed on the back of the shoulder pad to provide extra stability and spread the weight across the shoulders, arms and back.

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Pristatymo laikas 5-19 d.d.
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