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Silicon Power flash drive 32GB Mobile C10, black

Silicon Power flash drive 32GB Mobile C10, black
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Silicon Power flash drive 32GB Mobile C10, black aprašymas

Huge Capacity, Tiny Size for Android Devices
Whether you’re the student, the businessperson, or the creative, you want a better, simpler life. The war for connectivity, data, and gigabyte space still rages on despite advancements in data and cloud storage. Worried about losing access to your favorite music and movies during your travels? Try the Mobile C10 as your favorite on-the-go companion and an excellent solution for quick back-ups of important device storage whether you’re on your laptop or any other OTG smart device. Need more storage for your Android smartphone’s many backups? Want a more convenient, trustworthy way to connect your phone to your computer than cloud storage? Looking for the perfect bridge during the transition between your old smartphone and your new one? The Mobile C10 gets the job done all at a tiny size.

Speedy Type-C Technology
With Type-C interface becoming the most popular interface for smart devices of any kind, the Mobile C10 comes with impressive 5Gb/s data transfer rates. Built to handle the data transfer demands of the future, the Mobile C10 flash drive combines the cutting edge USB 3.1 speeds with huge capacity all wrapped up in a tiny package. It’s the ultimate choice for quick and important back-ups.

Instant Storage Expansions, Easy File Transmission
The Mobile C10 offers up to 128GB of instant storage expansion, making this device the perfect companion when you run out of storage space from too many picture, video, and app downloads. Store all of your valuable memories and data in good hands with the simple and intuitive features of the Mobile C10 flash drive.

Stay Comfortable and Compact
The most distinguishing feature of the Mobile C10 is its Type-C connector protection: a unique and easy-to-use retractable cover. Combined with COB technology that keeps the drive safe from rough use, this feature safeguards your C10 from damage. With a high-quality hairline texture finish, the flash drive’s compact size and keyhole design allow easy travel and portability. Available in diamond black and snow white, carry this convenient flash drive comfortably wherever you need to go.

Svoris 3.2 g

Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.

Gamintojas(?) Silicon Power
Svoris 3.2 g
Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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01610NRD SP032GBUC3C10V1K 4713436126256


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