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Silicon Power Z50 32 GB, USB 3.0, Black/Silver

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Silicon Power Z50 32 GB, USB 3.0, Black/Silver
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Silicon Power Z50 32 GB, USB 3.0, Black/Silver aprašymas

An Apple-worthy match for instant storage expansion and easy data sharing
Fall in love with its looks and then with its ease of use. Apple oozes design from every angle, we know that. So we created the new Z50 as the perfect complement to your Mac book, iPad, or iPhone. Because we really don‘t want to spoil your Apple experience. Sharing music, photos, videos, or work projects between all your devices – iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC – has never been easier, lighter and more stylish. The Z50 – our new, fully MFi certified dual interface Lightning and USB 3.1 Gen 1 drive.

Nothing to lose
Especially no protective caps. The Z50 is made with a highly elastic yet sturdy TPU cap that is firmly attached to the drive – ready to be snapped open and close over 10,000 times. And speaking of attached – it also has a key ring-hole.

Nothing to get rid of
Especially no iPhone cases. The extended connector lets you plug the drive hassle-free without removing the case.

Nothing to worry
The tiny lightweight’s tough metal casing leaves it dustproof, shock and scratch resistant to withstand real day-to-day use.

No compromises on quality
The Z50 is fully MFI certified and meets strict quality and manufacturing standards. For stylish and secure storage, transfer and backup of all your important files and memories.

SP xDrive Explorer – your file manager for an even better experience
Download the app from the App Store for an even better experience. It's free, intuitive and packed with useful functions such as data backup, files synchronization, files encryption, data transfer, cloud backup and media playback.

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Svoris 6 g
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