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A-DATA Classic C906 32GB Black USB Flash Drive, Retail

Kodas: 17110RME
Užsakoma prekėPrekyboje Yra
Liko 53 vnt.
Pristatymas 10-14 d.d.


A-Data Technology offers the Classic Series USB flash drive C906 that preserves the same classic stylish look from its predecessor PD1. C906 is an extremely compact USB storage device that brings easy portability. Capturing the essence of modern design, C906 presents an overall style of minimalism with a touch of urban charm, making it not only a practical storage device but also a fashionable accessory that speaks users' trendy life style. A-Data C906 features a handy snap-on cap design on the rear end of the device to prevent loss of cap. C906 is delicately designed with rounded corners and a glossy finish that gives it its eye-catching look.


Gamintojas(?) ADATA
Svoris 9 g
Pristatymo laikas 10-14 d.d.
Prekės kodai 17110RME AC906-32G-RBK 471343579191 4713435791912