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Nest Monopod WT-1003 H171 cm

Nest Monopod WT-1003 H171 cm
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The WT-1003 by Nest is a multi-purpose, lightweight monopod with a maximum height of 1.71m. The one-legged tripod consists of four sections, is very compact and provides stability for your shooting or observation. The WT-1003 is equipped with 1/4" male thread and has a load capacity of up to 3kg. This means in practice that you can mount almost any photo/video camera on it, but also for example optics products (see optional accessories).

The monopod has a rubber foot and a recess that you can press into the ground about one cm, especially for unstable surfaces. The rubber foot can be turned in and out. Furthermore, the tripod is equipped with a soft foam grip for extra high comfort. At the top is a wrist strap so you can hold it safely. The monopod comes in a storage pouch with zipper and carrying strap.

Benefits of a monopod

The advantage of a monopod over a "normal" tripod is that it is much more compact and therefore takes up less space. In addition, you set up a monopod easily and quickly. You hold the monopod with one hand and attach the camera or optics to the 1/4" threaded connection at the top. Thus, everything stays securely in place and the tripod stands firmly upright, whether on level or uneven ground. These factors make the monopod very suitable for use on location or on the road.

Application Nest Monopod WT-1003

A monopod, also known as a one-legged tripod, is an indispensable tool for every photographer and videographer. For example, the WT-1003 is suitable for any common compact camera, DSLR or video camera. So as soon as you see something you want to capture with a camera, you have everything set up in no time.

As mentioned earlier, a monopod is also a very useful accessory for use with optics, such as binoculars and spotting scopes. If you use optical products with higher magnifications from your hand, the image will vibrate due to minimal hand movements. This is prevented by using a monopod. Since these types of products are actually always used outdoors, the chances of a level surface are extremely low. For these challenges, the Nest WT-1003 offers a solution.

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