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Falcon Eyes Quick Release Plate PH-A for Light Stand

Falcon Eyes Quick Release Plate PH-A for Light Stand
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Falcon Eyes Quick Release Plate PH-A for Light Stand aprašymas

The PH-A from Falcon Eyes is a handy tool that allows you to attach your favorite equipment to a light stand in seconds. Normally you are endlessly turning the light stand before your camera or LED light is completely fixed. With the PH-A you fasten this process. At the bottom of the PH-A is a 1/4" female screw thread, which you tighten once on the lamp stand. On the PH-A quick-release plate, you will find a 1/4" male screw thread, for screwing on the underside of the accessory to be attached. The handle of the PH-A guarantees a secure attachment. The built-in bubble level shows at a glance whether the light stand is on a flat surface.

Usage PH-A

Sometimes it is necessary to place a LED lamp or microphone on a lamp stand. Loosening and fastening can take a considerable amount of time. You solve this problem with the PH-A quick release plate.

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