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HeadONE v2

HeadONE v2
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HeadONE v2 aprašymas

A modern panoramic camera head that allows you to create sophisticated camera movements and time-lapse images as if by magic! The new v2 version allows you to adjust the head position manually, adds face tracking with your phone (iOS only), can rotate 2x faster and features a safety lock. The HeadONE v2 is not to be missed in any content creator's backpack! On sale now through 11/2023.

The HeadONE design allows you to carry only what you need: Get a HeadONE head and use it to shoot panoramic video, 360º photography and time-lapse photography. It's also great for repeating the same shot multiple times to achieve fascinating visual effects, animations, etc. When you add a second HeadONE device (Tilt Module required), the two devices pair with each other in the background and can be controlled using the same app, allowing you to create dual-axis movements. When you add a tilt axis, you'll get much more interesting panoramic videos, 360º spherical photos and dynamic time-lapse images.

Edelkrone app
Intuitively adjust angles manually or effortlessly with the Edelkrone App. The new manual controls make your work unprecedentedly quick and easy, making the whole process much more intuitive. Use the Edelkrone App to control from your phone, watch, tablet or Mac (with M processor), or get a Mac/PC adapter to control from other Macs and PCs. In combination with other Edelkrone motion control devices (sliders, arms, etc.) you can easily create 3- or 4-axis camera movements. With Edelkrone motion control products you can create complicated trick shots, animated movies and other otherwise very difficult shots. The devices pair instantly to the background. Setting up time-lapse motion capture is a breeze with the Edelkrone app...

Face tracking
HeadONE and all other Edelkrone motion control devices can perfectly replicate any camera movement. Add a little camouflage magic with your favorite video editing software and wow your audience. Phone mode extends the HeadONE device with face tracking features. Whether you use one HeadONE device or two, Phone Mode ensures that the camera (or phone) accurately tracks your subject's face. Whether you're recording presentations, hosting webinars, recording your adventures, conducting interviews or making documentaries, Phone Mode keeps everything in focus.

360° Mode
360° Mode lets you take panoramic gigapixel photos up to 360 degrees. Take many photos side-by-side in a row and stitch them together on your computer for ultra-high resolution, wide-angle shots of any environment. The 360 mode becomes available in the Edelkrone app when you connect to any of the HeadONE devices as a standalone device.

  • Dimensions: 99 x 95 x 47.5 mm
  • Weight: 580 g
  • Recommended load: 6.8 kg
  • Mounting options: 3/8"-16 on top; 3/8"-16 mounting hole on bottom; supplied incl. 3/8"-16 to 1/4"-20 reducer
  • Minimum step size: 0.00061 degrees
  • Maximum speed: 25.7 degrees/sec.
  • Number of axes: 1x
  • Max. speed: 1: ∞ x 360°
  • Motor type: stepper motor with very high resolution encoders
  • Power consumption: 1x Canon battery type LP-E6 is required for operation. Battery holder included. Battery is not included.
  • Battery life: 1x Canon LP-E6 14.4 Wh battery operates for 3 hours (continuously at full power), takes 15,000 photos (in time-lapse mode)
  • Shutter release connector: 2.5mm (shutter release cable sold separately)
  • Can be paired with: SliderONE v2, Motor Module (formerly known as Slide Module v2/v3), DollyONE and DollyPLUS
  • Mobile Device Connection: 2.4GHz direct connection for device-to-device communication and BLE for pairing/connection to mobile phone
  • App Compatibility: iOS 11.0 or later and Android 5.0 or later
  • Materials: CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components

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