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TetherGear Laptop Deck

TetherGear Laptop Deck
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The TetherGear Laptop Deck is made from 4.8 mm (0.18”) thick lightweight aluminium and measures 46 cm x 31 cm (16.14” x 12.20”), it provides the user an ultra-stable platform designed to mount laptops safely and securely on top of grip and support equipment such as lighting stands, camera tripods and support arms.

Taking influence from cinema and grip industry cheese plate style accessories, it features an array of 3/8” threaded mounting holes in key locations, which enables laptops of any size to be safely secured in place using the included anti-slip mounting hardware. The hole configuration also incorporates a useful cable management feature to prevent the disconnection of cables from the device should the user accidentally pull them during the shoot.

Multiple mounting options via the included adapter fitted underneath the deck featuring: 16 mm (5/8”) female socket, 1/4'''' and 3/8” threaded holes and Arca-Swiss compatibility, enabling the user to shoot unrestrained and work with their preferred photo or lighting support.

Manfrotto TetherGear is a collection of tethered shooting accessories designed and created for the professional content creator, essential accessories required to set up a tethered workstation or video village using monitors, laptops or tablets.


    Supports laptops up to 46 cm x 31 cm (16.14” x 12.20”)
    Multiple mounting options: Light stands, Tripods, Friction Arms
    Cheese plate style 3/8” threaded holes
    Includes anti-slip mounting hardware for safe and secure hold
    Built in cable management

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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