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Nitrotech 612+645 Fast Twin Alu Tripod

Nitrotech 612+645 Fast Twin Alu Tripod
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Nitrotech 612+645 Fast Twin Alu Tripod aprašymas

The video system includes the Manfrotto NITROTECH 612 Fluid Video Head and the 645 Fast Twin Tripod in aluminium.

The NITROTECH 612 Fluid Video Head features state-of-the-art technology based on a nitrogen piston mechanism, enabling continuous balance. The NITROTECH 612 ensures precise control of the camera with accessories from 4 to 12 kg. Thanks to the pan and tilt function, it allows extremely smooth movement. The camera can be easily, safely and quickly attached to the 180 mm sliding plate and fixed to the head by the side lock mechanism. External monitors and accessories can be securely attached to the head thanks to the 3/8" Easy Link connector with anti-rotation function. The NITROTECH 612 head has a flat base bracket with a standard 3/8" thread, which is highly versatile for various support combinations (tripod, slider and more).

The 645 FTT Fast Twin Alu Tripod features dual legs and Ultra L-Lock lever technology suitable for even the most demanding support. The tripod features a 2-in-1 hemisphere: a standard 100mm bowl along with a 75mm adapter allowing for a wider range of video head applications. It also features a center lock. The 3-angle selectors will provide even more range. This series was developed with the primary goal of making video shooting easier and faster. The synchronized locking mechanisms between the top and bottom locks allow videographers to operate the entire leg with a single lock. This allows you to get the job done in record time. The tripod provides maximum versatility, supports the use of a wide selection of heads and caters for maximum rigidity. Despite all this, it is extremely lightweight.

Plus, it is fully compatible with the 2-in-1 telescopic ground and middle spreaders (sold as separate accessories), which also feature a 3-angle selection mechanism for easy adjustment. The tripod features pointed feet with rubber overhangs for a firm grip and adaptability to any terrain.

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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