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NH30 Video Head

NH30 Video Head
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75mm ball & flat base video head with pan handle designed with a payload of 10kg.

To meet market demand, Libec is proud to announce the new NX Series, a high performance lightweight video camera tripod made in Japan. As demand for lightweight multifunctional tripods continues to soar, the NX Series is definitely one of the best cost solutions to consider. NX provides high value in manifold shooting scenes and supports various cameras with a wide range of counterbalance without compromises on performance, quality, texture or appearance. NX challenges the conventional idea that "a lightweight tripod is risky or has low functionalities".

The NX-100C/MC models are specially designed for small cameras and its excellent counterbalance range system can even balance the lightest configuration of a mirrorless camera with a kit lens. In addition, the optimally adjusted drag system provides great operability and smooth start and stop of pan and tilt movements. The NX-100 Series is great for mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, small handheld cameras and light rigged cameras.

The NX-300C/MC models have an outstanding counterbalance range. These models cover a wide of camera configurations with payloads between 2.5kg and 10kg. The NX-300 Series is a must have tripod system that supports a wide range of rigged small cameras, mid-sized handheld cameras and rigged out professional cinema cameras.

The World's Lightest Video Tripod
The NX-100MC/NX-300MC mid-level spreader systems only weigh 3.8 kg and are considered the world's lightest video tripods compared to conventional video tripods equipped with adjustable drag and counterbalance systems. This is achieved by closely exploring the structure, materials, and components, adapting a new mechanism that significantly reduces the number of parts, and applying plastic parts for the main component without compromising operability or functionality.

Operability with Precision
Thanks to specially skilled craftsmen in Libec Japan, we adapted an innovative design to maximize NX's performance. As result, a significant reduction in wobbling and backlash in pan and tilt movements is achieved and offers the best precision operability in its range by far.

Newly Designed Multistep Counterbalance Mechanism
The NX series can support a wide range of camera configurations with a newly designed multistep counterbalance system that fits variety of production styles. Users can select from 5 steps of counterbalance including a zero "free" mode option for speedy set-up.

Advanced Drag Unit
The layered metal unit in the drag system ensures operability, durability and reliability. This advanced drag unit offers smoother starts, improved backlash control and more rigidity than a conventional low cost plastic unit commonly adapted by other brands.

Highly Reliable Multistep Drag System
The NX series features the variable 4 step drag pan tilt system that includes a zero "free" mode option with no friction. In addition, the finest silicon grease is applied to ensure ordinary pan and tilt movements at a wide temperature range from -40˚C/-40˚F up to +60˚C/+140˚F.

Newly Designed Carbon Legs, Foot Pads and Spreader
With a new lightweight structure design, the width of the carbon leg's upper pipe leg is widened to enhance torsional rigidity and provide high payload performance. Developed exclusively for the NX series, the FP-1B foot pads and SP-1B floor spreader are available. The newly designed foot pads and floor spreader are even lighter than the existing model FP-2B and SP-2B.

User Friendly Accessory Attachments
On the side of the fluid head, there are 1/4 and 3/8 inch screw holes to attach an accessory arm with a monitor or a light. Since the holes are located on the base, the payload capacity, center of gravity and front-rear balance are not affected.

Double-sided Serrations
Serrations are equipped on both sides of the head to accommodate an additional pan handle or other accessories.

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