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Vision Module v1 (for HeadPLUS / PRO v2)

Vision Module v1 (for HeadPLUS / PRO v2)
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Vision Module v1 (for HeadPLUS / PRO v2) aprašymas

Vision Module for HeadPLUS

The world's smartest motorized motion control system just got a lot wiser. Vision Module, which attaches on HeadPLUS, adds groundbreaking features like automatic face tracking and wireless video transmission to your phone.

Intuitive Face Tracking

Vision Module adds smart, responsive & fully automated camera movements to your production that make working with moving subjects easier than ever. Vision Module instantly locks on to the face you select with a single tap from your edelkrone App and tracks its movement utilizing the motorized mechanism of HeadPLUS or HeadPLUS PRO. Vision Module flawlessly connects & communicates with your entire edelkrone ecosystem to make your workflow even more efficient. Available on iOS & Android.

Live Feed from Your Camera

Everything your camera sees, you can see on your mobile devices by adding Vision Module to your setup. When combined with HeadPLUS or HeadPLUS PRO, Vision Module allows you to see what you’re tracking through Vision mode as well as Keypose & Target modes using edelkrone App. Alternatively, Vision Module can be used on its own for video transmission from your camera to your mobile device without the need for any additional equipment.The reliability and quality of the live feed will depend on your network connection.

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