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Syrp quick release plate Genie II (SY0016-0001)

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Syrp quick release plate Genie II (SY0016-0001)
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Syrp quick release plate Genie II (SY0016-0001) aprašymas

Use this Quick Release Plate from Syrp as a spare or replacement for the plate that comes with the Genie II Pan Tilt head. The plate fits into the quick release clamp and comes with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera mounting screws.

The stopper can be removed so you can take out one of the screws for mounting. Two pads on the plate help protect your camera from scuffs and help secure it in place. When a DSLR camera is mounted onto the Genie II with the quick release plate it has a payload capacity of approximately 6.6 to 13 lb, depending on the tilt position.

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01099NRD SY0016-0001 9421032390203


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