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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OXC389 Stativzubehör

Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OXC389 Stativzubehör
Kodas: 141332749VOK
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Cullmann CONCEPT ONE OXC389 Stativzubehör aprašymas

Ideal for creative ideas: The multi-function column CONCEPT ONE OXC389 from CULLMANN

With the multi-function column, photographers and videographers have a versatile and stable companion for a vast variety of shooting situations.

The multi-function column CONCEPT ONE OXC389 impresses with versatility and stability. It is made entirely from anodized aluminium. It is thus also suitable for heavy and big DSLR and video cameras. The travel length of 290 mm comes with a precision scale. Both ends of the column are equipped with a camera connecting plate with skid-proof cork inlay for reliable fastening of camera and various accessory parts. One of these camera connecting plates features a 1/4 inch thread, the other one a 3/8 inch thread, for mounting different photo and video accessories. Other special features are the mounting sleeve with integrated 3/8 inch connection thread, which can be displaced along the entire length. With the standardized connection thread, accessory parts or cameras can be moved to any desired shooting position. Suitable accessories can be found in the CULLMANN FLEXX range.

For work with the multi-function column CONCEPT ONE OXC389 it is, just like the established QRC plates, simply inserted into the familiar camera QRC System CONCEPT ONE OX or OXC and reliably clamped with the locking lever in the desired position. Both systems, the CONCEPT ONE OX and OXC are completely made of aluminium and thus ensure secure and stable fastening and are UniQ/C and Arca compatible.

The multi-function column is the ideal companion for creative ideas. No matter whether macro or architectural photographs or shooting situations requiring more light sources like flash or LED-lamps: The CONCEPT ONE OXC389 is a Must Have for any creative photographer and videographer. Its use opens even more possibilities for tabletop, macro, portrait or landscape photography.

As a supplement CULLMANN offers a vast range of accessories, such as goosenecks of different lengths, different ball heads and a large selection of special articles from the CULLMANN FLEXX series.

Features CONCEPT ONE OXC389 multi-function column:

  • Completely made of anodized aluminium
  • 290 mm travel with precision scale
  • Two camera connecting plates with ¼ inch and 3/8 inch connection thread
  • Two connecting sleeves with 3(8 inch connection thread, slidable along the entire length
  • Suitable for photography and videography, especially for macro and tabletop shoots
  • Compatible accessories in the CULLMANN FLEXX range

Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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