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VT-15 White Vlog Tripod 3825B

VT-15 White Vlog Tripod 3825B
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SmallRig VT-15 White Vlog Tripod 3825B  The products are made of nylon + 30% fiber, aluminum alloy, and other materials, compact and portable while stable and strong load-bearing. The tripod comes with a rotating cold shoe mount, which can expand the shooting equipment such as LED lights and microphones; the top adopts a 1/4 screw to connect, which can be widely compatible with mobile phones, miniature SLRs, action cameras, and other equipment. 360° ball head gimbal, supports a variety of angles free adjustment while supporting horizontal and vertical beat fast switching. The product has a storage size of 21.5cm, a maximum stretching size of 48.5cm, and can safely bear 1.5kg of weight.

Compact and stretchable
4-stage free stretching: folded length 21.5cm, max stretching length 48.5cm
Weighted only 181g, matching with a lanyard, can occasionally save your labor and free your hands

Function-oriented design
Connect equipment through a 1/4”-20 screw on the top, extend the light or microphone through the side 360°-rotated cold shoe mount, connecting widely and freely
360° rotating ball head, with metal lock pad inside, bearing maximum 1kg load capacity
50 degrees of inclination, providing a lower gravity center and stable support
Super load capacity: the tripod can bear a maximum load of 2.5 kg when folded and 1.5 kg when stretched

Fancy looking
The VK series family design language is inspired by Sci-fi anime, the angular lines outline the sophisticated look of science fiction and coolness
Paired with TPE for a comfortable grip and interaction

Four modes, multiple scenarios
Selfie stick mode
Tripod mode
Grip mode
Sling mode

Comaptible With
Standard 1/4”-20 screw at the top
Standard cold shoe mount on the side

1 x VT-15 Vlog Tripod White

Product Size: folded length 21.5cm, max stretching length 48.5cm(21.5 x 5.7 x 3cm)
Package Dimension:6.5*6.5*22cm
Product Weight:181±1g
Package Weight:246±1g
Material: Nylon+30% Fiber, Aluminum alloy, TPE
Load Capacity:1.5kg
Top Connection:1/4”-20
Side Connection: standard cold shoe mount
Base Diameter:27cm
Ball Head Pitch Angle Back and Forth:-90°/+30°
Ball Head Side Tilt:-30°/+30°

Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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