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Vlogging Tripod Kit for Canon EOS R50 4213

Vlogging Tripod Kit for Canon EOS R50 4213
Kodas: 02379AVX
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Vlogging Tripod Kit for Canon EOS R50 4213 aprašymas

SmallRig Vlogging Tripod Kit for Canon EOS R50 4213, is designed to provide a lightweight yet portable Vlog shooting solution for content creators. It is perfect to achieve high-quality recording, super stable handheld shooting, and easy color adjustment for post-production, includes a furry windscreen, a flexible tripod, and a LED video light. Among them, the furry windscreen features dedicated polyester wool and thickened lining design to reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors. It is securely mounted onto a hot shoe via a cold shoe adapter, which has protective silicone pads at the bottom and a cold shoe mount for LED video light, microphone, etc.

Locking the camera through a built-in 1/4"-20 screw, the tripod comes with flexible legs and a ball head, suitable for a variety of scenes and multi-angle shooting. And the portable LED video light can be fitted into the top of the furry windscreen via a cold shoe. Its adjustable color temperature and brightness, as well as 100-minute battery life, can fully meet your demand for daily shooting.

Note: The service life of the LED video light varies, depending on where and how it is used.

1. Lightweight Vlog tripod kit, suitable for travel shooting, live-streaming, etc.
2. Exclusively designed for Canon R50, perfect for outdoor shooting, effectively reducing wind noise.  
3. Included an octopus-shape tripod, which can be used for handheld, desktop, etc. to improve shooting stability.
4. Portable bi-color LED video light, featuring with high color rendering index, easy to adjust the color for post-production.

Compatible With
Canon EOS R50

Furry Windscreen x 1
Flexible Vlog Tripod VT-09 (Black) x 1
LED Video Light x 1
USB-C Cable x 1
User Manual x 1

Product Dimensions:
Furry Windscreen: 45.0 x 40.0 x 20.0mm
LED Video Light: 72.0 x 89.0 x 31.6mm
Flexible Vlog Tripod: 270.0mm
Package Dimensions: 301.0 x 113.5 x 46.0mm
Product Weight: 339.0 ± 5.0g
Package Weight: 414.0 ± 5.0g
Aluminum Alloy, Artificial Wool
ABS+Aluminum Alloy
Nylon (30% Glass Fiber), Aluminum Alloy, TPE

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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02379AVX 6941590012773 6941590012773


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