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Tripod Mount - for MagSafe

Tripod Mount - for MagSafe
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Tripod Mount - for MagSafe aprašymas

Make any tripod compatible with MagSafe! Moment has three versions of super easy-to-use Tripod Mounts that will make the way of mounting your phone to a tripod the fastest in history. Designed to work with any standard 1/4”-20 tripods or handles, you can now shoot in landscape and portrait mode without a phone clamp. Compatible with or without a case, this mount also includes a proprietary (M)Force magnet array which is even stronger than standard accessories, giving you extra confidence your phone won’t fall off. Beyond being extra strong the mount is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. Similar to the new Tripod Mount, the Pro versions add a standard cold shoe mount on top of it. With Pro versions, you have the choice between the smaller Landscape type, on which you can mount your phone only in the Landscape orientation, or Landscape  Portrait which lets you mount your phone in both orientations. The Cold Shoe mount comes off of course if you don't wanna use it.

  • Works with iphone 12, 13, 14 phones directly or with iphones, Samsung Galaxy, and Pixel phones in our Compatible with magsafe cases and accessories.
  • Easily usable in landscape and portrait mode
  • proprietary (M)Force magnet array and grip pad.
  • Magnetic mount allows for easy micro angle adjustments
  • mounts to any standard 1/4”-20 tripod
  • low-profile aluminum construction
  • padded contact points to keep your phone safeworks with most cases using our The Stick-on Adapter - for magsafe
  • not compatible with Moment Lenses when paired with an iphone 12/13 Mini

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Pristatymo laikas 10-19 d.d.
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