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Nest Video Tripod NT-670 + Fluid Damped Pan Head

Nest Video Tripod NT-670 + Fluid Damped Pan Head
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Nest Video Tripod NT-670 + Fluid Damped Pan Head aprašymas

The Nest NT-670 is a professional video tripod with a fluid-damped head, suitable for video cameras and DSLR cameras. It is a very solid tripod and can therefore carry cameras with accessories up to 20 kilograms.

 The head of the NT-670 can be easily and smoothly moved by the fluid damping. The head can be operated by means of a telescopic handle, the pan handle can slide up to 59.5 centimeters. The head has a built-in bubble level, a quick release plate and safety locking, preventing unplugged assembly from unexpectedly falling and falling.

The tripod offers a 360 ° pan range for continuous shooting. On both sides of the head there are switches to lock the 360 °. The head also has 2 times on the outside 1/4 "male thread, which allows you to attach various accessories, such as a flexible arm.
The legs of the tripod consist of 3 sections, you can set the work height from 74.5 to 169 cm. At the bottom of the legs there are 2 metal pins, which makes it possible to use the tripod on rough terrain. When the tripod is used on a flat surface, simply place the rubber feets on the legs. The height adjustment buttons are ergonomic and also provide a firm lock. The NT-670 also features a metal center spreader, which makes this tripod even more stable. The tripod comes in a carrying bag with shoulder strap. 

Usage Nest NT-670

 The Nest NT-670 is a professional video tripod for the heavier video cameras. Due to the special pins on the legs, this tripod is also very suitable for making outdoor shooting in rough terrain. If you are looking for a similar tripod but you need less loading weight (up to 4 kg), then the Nest NT-777 is a suitable tripod for you.

Specifications Nest NT-670:

• Fluid damping head
• Metal mid-level spreader
• Built-in bubble level
• Quick release plate
• Safety locking pin
• 2x 1/4" male thread for Accessories
• Ergonomic telescopic rubber pan handle
• Legs with metal pins for rough terrain
• Ergonomic leg adjustment knobs
• 360° pan locking


Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.

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Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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