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Nest Professional Cabon Fiber Tripod NT-6294CK + Ball Head

Nest Professional Cabon Fiber Tripod NT-6294CK + Ball Head
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Nest Professional Cabon Fiber Tripod NT-6294CK + Ball Head aprašymas

The Nest NT-6294CK Professional Tripod + Ball Head is a professional carbon tripod made from the latest CNC machining process. This means that the parts are made from a single piece of carbon. This gives the parts a better fit and provides a greater strength and stability.

Nest NT-6294CK Professional Tripod + Ball Head Specifications

The NT-6294CK is equipped with an integrated monopod, which is easy to detach. The QLS (quick locking system) allows you to quickly adjust the height and angle of the tripod legs. The NT-6324CK is equipped with a spring hook on which a counterweight or camera bag can be hung. Further, the NT-6294CK has a blue coating. The aluminum alloy used to produce the NT-6294CK is the same aluminum used in the aircraft industry. The  NT-6294CK has a maximum load capacity of 15 kg. This kit comes with a NT-630H professional ball head which has a load capacity of up to 10kg.

Because the camera can be mounted between the legs of the Nest NT 6294CK, this tripod is ideal for Macro photography.


• Integrated monopod
• Adjustable in height and angle
• Patented QLS Locking System
• Stylish blue coating
• Spring hook
• Professional ball head with bubble level

This Nest product comes with a five-year manufacturer's warranty in addition to the statutory warranty.


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Pristatymo laikas 14-17 d.d.
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