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Manfrotto tripod kit Element MII Mobile BT MKELMII4RMB-BH

Manfrotto tripod kit Element MII Mobile BT MKELMII4RMB-BH
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Manfrotto tripod kit Element MII Mobile BT MKELMII4RMB-BH aprašymas

Ultra-compact, lightweight and reliable, the Element MII range delivers superior construction and must-have features at extremely accessible prices. It is ideal for setting your creativity free on the go. The tripod reaches up to 160 cm and folds down to 42.5 cm while weighing 1,55 kg and supporting a payload of 8 kg.

The Element MII Mobile BT tripod kit is designed for photography and smart-phonography on the go. It is provided with Manfrotto’s iconic universal smartphone clamp for great smartphone shots. The MCLAMP holds your smartphone securely and attaches to the camera mount via 1/4" female thread, for easy still and video smartphonography. It supports any smartphone up to 8,4 cm (3.2") wide.

Also included is a Bluetooth remote control for fantastic creative freedom in smartphonography. Its Bluetooth® certified, single button technology can be used up to 27,5 m from the phone and requires no app.

The tripod features twist locks for effortless and comfortable adjustment of the 4 leg sections, the unique 200-PL PRO Light plate, a handy hook for attaching a carry-on bag to increase stability, rubber feet with excellent ground grip and intuitive selectors to easily set the tripod at 3 angles.

The aluminium ball head enables Element MII users to enjoy the smoothest movement for framing their shots, and firmly locks gear in place. It features a dual-lock design with a large primary knob for controlling the ball’s movement and a smaller secondary knob for engaging the 360° independent pan. The head comes with an included high-quality techno polymer 200PL-PRO Light plate is both strong and lightweight, and compatible with Arca-type and Manfrotto RC2 head attachments. Its rubber inserts grip tightly, even on the most angled shots.

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Pristatymo laikas 5-10 d.d.
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