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Delkin Fat Gecko Suction Light

Delkin Fat Gecko Suction Light

Delkin Fat Gecko Suction Light Mount

Impossible Lighting, Made Possible.

Set up perfect lighting almost anywhere in seconds with the Fat Gecko Suction Light Mount. Position the 3 1/2 inch suction cup on any smooth, non-porous surface, then flip the lever and lock the mount into place to create a rock-solid attachment for any baby pin accessory, including lights, scrims, magic arms, and more.

Adjustable 150 degree rotation at the base of the Suction Light Mount enables complete control of lighting angles, while a discreet compact build provides optimal stability without any added weight or interference.


  • Mounts to Any Smooth, Non-Porous Surface
  • Reliable Locking Suction Cup
  • 150° Pivoting Head
  • Rated to Hold 4 lbs (64 oz)
  • 5/8" Baby Pin Attaches to a 1/4"-20 or 3/8" head
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Gamintojas(?) Delkin
Rekomenduojamas Max aparatūros svoris 1.8 kg
Svoris 0.23 kg
Prekės kodai

141354188VOK DDMMNT-SLTH-B 0750324104303

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